Climate-Controlled Storage Units

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Choose a climate-controlled self storage unit to keep your stored items safe

Hot or cold weather can damage items stored in outdoor storage units. 

Important items, such as computer equipment and electronics, wood or leather furniture, photographs, books, clothing, artwork, and other valuable possessions, can be destroyed if not properly protected. 

In London, Ontario, where the climate changes from hot to cold, climate-controlled storage units provide the ideal solution for storing your personal or business-related items.

Why Choose Climate Control?

Climate-controlled storage units maintain a steady temperature of 10-25°C using central air conditioning and heat. Maintaining a controlled environment minimizes risk of:

  • Warping, cracking, and splitting
  • Rust, yellowing, and corrosion
  • Mold, mildew, and bacteria overgrowth

Premium Storage, Premium Comfort

If you plan to frequently access your stored items as you add, remove or organize them, keep in mind your comfort when working within your storage unit. A pleasant temperature can make the job much easier.

Climate-controlled storage units cost more than standard units. To determine whether the cost is justified, it’s important to assess the value of what you plan to store. 

If you are packing away electronics, products, or equipment that are covered by insurance, and replacing them would mean only an inconvenience, you may decide that a standard storage space is sufficient.

If, however, you are storing items of sentimental value or historical documents for your business, the additional cost may be insignificant, especially if it gives you peace of mind. 

Whether your items would be costly and inconvenient to replace, or if they’re irreplaceable, it is wise to store them well.

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